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Out Jan 20th 2023, Grounding Place Vol. 2 is Nora’s second album, a sequel to her debut release. Volume 2 is presented as the contrasting completion of what was expressed in Volume 1, with a more pensive and introspective approach to Nora’s songwriting, production and performance. 

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"Harbour" (the focus track of the album) is NORA's invitation to unapologetically celebrate the expression of female desires, in all their shapes and form.


The video clip beautifully translates this with shy and blurry mouvements behind a veil, that later become exposed, explosive, and assumed. An allegory of a feminine rise in confidence and embodiment of pleasure.

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Nora_Toutain_QVR_FJ22 copie.jpg

My band and I will be performing at the 2022 edition of the Rimouski International Jazz Festival!


Words cannot begin to describe how happy and honoured I am to have been selected by the Vision Diversité jury for 3 prizes after my show! 

I want to give a huge shout out to the entire showcase team for the warmest welcome
AND obviously, mad love to my BAND ✨💛 

Previous releases

Sceen shot for Words.png

The first single off "Grounding Place Vol.II"
Thank you to the entire that made the song and the music video shine in a way I would have never imagined.

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Nora Toutain releases her debut album

Grounding Place Vol. 1 

Grounding Place Vol. I is Nora Toutain’s debut album released on October 9th, 2020 via Good People Records. 


Produced by Chris Vincent, member of notable electro-soul band Busty and the Bass, the album is one half of a collection of songs that honours and celebrates her roots in her home of North Africa, the place that grounds her and where her story began. 

The songs are all tied by themes of love, identity, heritage, power and celebration.


The album travels between alternative and contemporary r&b sounds, neo-soul, funk, jazz, and afro-pop.



Nora honours the Queens of her world with a her powerful and celebrative anthem "Women".

It's paired with a DIY video portraying women of different generations and different social & cultural background... women from all different walks of life, united in this authentic and intimate family party.


"I wanted to share an intimate part of my identity to invite everyone to reconnect with their heritage, and to celebrate and honour the everyday women in their lives"


Bad at Love

Bad at Love” isn’t an anti-love song so much as it’s Nora's for authenticity and honesty in love, asking us to drop the perfectionism in relationships and to embrace the nature of human error.

2019-11-03_Bad-At-Love_Cover_01 copy.jpg

Not an Interlude


“Not an Interlude” moves in a direction to speak out against injustices, particularly, the adverse power dynamics created by toxic masculinity.

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