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May 2020

Canadian Music Week



NORA is a singer-songwriter from Morocco, based in Montreal.


Her brand of synth-driven alternative rnb music seamlessly moves across genres like neo-soul, funk and jazz with hints of afro rhythms -- a direct reference to her diverse cultural background and musical upbringing. Her love for these traditional genres and contemporary sounds elevates her music offering a fresh and unique experience on stage. Wherever she performs, her ease and energy on stage charms crowds.

Her first album Grounding Place Vol. I will be out on Octobre 9th 2020. 




Nora Toutain debut album Grounding Place Vol.I is now OUT!

Previous singles



Bad at Love official music video 

Women official music video 

Watch Nora's performance at the 2020

Pop Montreal edition!

Nora performing one of her original song Women with her band @MIDI INDIE festival, Montreal.


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"Why we like it: Women", by Tyler Jones on Central Sauce

August 2nd 2020

Interview avec Les Eco.ma (Morocco)

July 27th 2020

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"Why we like it: Bad at Love", by Tyler Jones on Central Sauce

Jan 2nd 2020

"Meet Nora Toutain", by Sun Noor on For The Record Blog

Jan 17th 2020

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Interview with Big/Sound "Bad at Love" Nora Toutain

Jan 23rd 2020

"Five Questions with Nora Toutain", Jenna Melanson on Canadian Beats Decembre 13th 2019


TV appearance

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INFO SOIR 2M Télévision (Maroc)

Sept. 3rd 2020

MaTV performance (Canada)

Dec. 2016


  • Past and current plays on CBC Radio, Jazz FM91 (Toronto) CFID, CIBO, 103.1FM, CHME, CHOQ 105.1, CKVL, CFRG, BelleRock, Boréal Radio, Art District Radio (France), Neo2Soul Radio (UK) among others.

  • Bad at Love ​was also selected as the “outstanding entries” of the CBC 2020 Searchlight contest, in the “Female Soul Artists” category.



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